Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It doesn't seem fair to punish all of you for my blogging slacker-ness, but life is pain (anyone who says differently is selling something). So prepare yourself to absorb all of Autumn in one fell swoop (or, should I say, one fell blog post). We'll be covering Mui-mui's birthday, a visit from Grandma and Grandpa P., Halloween, a trip to the pumpkin farm, etc. Because I really do like you guys, I'll spare you the sagas of the craft fair from hell, the person at church who CTW (Chose the Wrong and stole my coat), and Erik's exciting business trips. Don't you feel better now.

We'll start with Halloween.

My brother-in law, Justin, made the coolest Optimus Prime costume in the world (here he is with my cute sister, Rainbow Brite - AKA Ellen):

So, I don't think it's possible to beat Justin, but I did make the 2nd best Optimus Prime costume in the world for Go-go (plus, it actually transforms - check out the video taken at his Preschool halloween party). Thanks to Libby for the awesome "Go-go Prime" shirt - he LOVES it:

Mui-mui was a fabulous pumpkin at some parties and an adorable monkey at others. Sadly, these are the only picture I have (the back of the pumpkin head is her at her preschool party). I promise that I took others, but they're on my stolen phone (or on Grandpa's camera):

Go-go's preschool had two parties, so he went as a pirate/cowboy on the day he wasn't Optimus (reversible vest)

His preschool also had a halloween field trip to a great pumpkin farm. Grandma P., Mui-mui and I came along too and the kids got to pet a chicken, milk a goat, brush a horse, ride a pony, take a hayride, and choose pumpkins. It was perfect weather on a perfect farm - all in all, a perfect day.

We did lots of other fun things while Grandma and Grandpa P. were here. We took a cruise on the Erie canal and got to go up and down through the locks, went to the Anchor Bar and Grill - home of the original Buffalo wings, and took a trip to Goat Island at Niagara Falls. It was so fun to see them and show them around our new house and neighborhood.

October was also Mui-mui's birthday. I can't believe my little baby girl is two years old. She's talking up a storm and is just cute, giggly, and playful. Her Grandpa P. made her the most fabulous ducky booster seat ("duckie seat!") and Grandma and Grandpa got her lots of cute ducks to go with it (toys, purse, towel, and bath confetti). She gets a lot of practice saying "Quack!"

Grandma and Grandpa B. sent a great tea set which goes perfectly in the play kitchen we got her. She loves to pack the set in the cupboard then pull it out and "dink tea". When Go-go saw the kitchen, he declared that he had to give her a present that was as big as Mommy and Daddy's present. So he had a great idea to make a playhouse for the backyard - he wins - it's bigger!

So, there's our fall in a nutshell. Grandma and Grandpa B. are coming for Thanksgiving, so I'm sure we'll have lots more adventures in the coming weeks. And maybe I'll actually blog about them sooner than two months from now. Tune in to see.