Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

After being gone for almost two weeks, the kids and I finally got back home on Friday night. I had a fabulous time at Michelle's wedding in Alaska (post and pictures coming soon) and the kids had fun at Ruth's house. But, I missed my Erik and it was great to get back just in time for Valentine's day.

During the day, we had lots of fun mixing up pink cookie dough, rolling it out ("It's just like Play Dough!") and cutting out heart-shaped cookies. And Go-go and Mui-mui looked perfect in the special Valentine's shirts that Grandma P. sent for them.

But the real fun happened after the kids went to bed. Erik put on his good suit (he looks SO good in it, but he almost never wears it), and I put on my red dress and we had a delicious candlelight supper. Erik made Chicken Cordon Bleu, fancy veggies, potatoes, and even homemade bread - YUM! He's such a sweetheart. Then he gave me a box of personalized M&M's ('Erik lvs Margaret'). Then I, being the mushy romantic that I am, gave him his very own pair of warm socks with Moose on them. Luckily, he loves me despite my Valentine-impairment, and we had a terrific time together on our 'date'.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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