Friday, March 13, 2009

Smart Mom, Dumb Mom

Saying that my kids kind of love blueberries is like saying that I kind of like chocolate. But, they're pretty messy, so they don't get them as often as they would like. Never fear - Smart Mom is here! Smart Mom thought, "No problem - Go-go is already in a blue shirt and blue pants (plus he's old enough to eat with relatively little mess) and I'll just strip Mui-mui down to her diaper. Afterwards, I'll plop them both in the tub and we're good to go!" So, for lunch today, we had blueberry pomegranate applesauce and frozen blueberries with our quesadillas. And Smart Mom was right! They loved it, they got clean, and I dressed them in nice clean clothes. Mui-mui was even wearing a darling new shirt - cream with pink and brown writing that says, "I love to Twirl." All was good with the world. And then Dumb Mom struck.

Dumb Mom forgot three crucial things: 1)Although I cleaned up the high chair, I neglected to remove Go-go's leftovers from the kitchen table; 2)Mui-mui loves to climb up on the kitchen table; and 3)If it's too quiet, bad things are happening! Blue face, blue legs, blue feet, blue hair, and saddest of all, blue shirt. Deep, dark, purplish, splotchy, impossible to ever clean, blue shirt. Sigh.
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