Monday, June 8, 2009

Tag team training

My recipe for successful potty training:

1. Make sure that your child and his best friend are struggling with potty training at the same time.
2. Go spend a week at said friend's house.
3. Be generous in the allotment of skittles after each successful toilet experience.
4. The children will take care of gloating to each other that they got a potty treat.
5. Whichever one did not get the most recent potty treat will dash to the bathroom to earn his/her own reward (heaven forbid that Becca has more treats than Go-go! And there is no way that Becca is going to stand idly by while Go-go eats treats without her!).
6. Hope that it sticks after Go-go returns home (so far, so good).

So, should I publish a book, or what? Doesn't everyone have a week to have a giant slumber party with their best friend? And forget the fact that Go-go will be four (!?!) in a few months - aren't I a prodigy (of course it's all about me!)? And, of course, we're also going to ignore the fact that we've only mastered #1 - I'll just write a sequel when I discover the brilliant and innovative method to tackle #2.

And if you're one of those people who just roll their eyes whenever the potty training topic comes up, roll away. I'm rolling my own eyes as I type this post, but can't resist sharing my glee and relief that the silly kid who can tell us the difference between a noun and a verb can finally pee where he's supposed to! Hooray for Go-go (and Becca!) !!
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