Monday, December 8, 2008

Mui-mui walks and Go-go Snaps

Friday night, Mui-mui suddenly decided to stand up and walk. She just kept getting up, falling down, and starting over again. She tried again at church on Sunday, but hasn't been interested today. In this clip, Go-go is following her around with the i-phone trying to take her picture.


Speaking of Go-go taking pictures, he has been obsessed with the camera lately. Luckily, digital photos are cheap and easy to delete. Here's a tour around our house through the eyes of a 3 year-old.


Kathy said...

What talented kids you have! That video was way too cute. I love all the pictures too. He has quite an eye!

Brooke said...

Oh-ho! I must give Mad Props to Go-go's camera skillz. Especially the shot where you can see his toes. Adorable!

Michelle said...

I loved the pics of the house, that is too cute! And I must say that your snowflakes are way better than ours! :) I love that list, we check off something everyday, it makes the days better and is helping me to get more in the mood for the Christmas season!

edith said...

Thanks for your comment, Markie. But I see the pretty snowflakes on your window--you're a closet decorator.